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Spider Digital helps businesses, organizations & individuals unlock their Digital Potential. Based out of Dubai, they develop and co-create solutions to help their partners in redesigning their business models, recreating their customer experiences and transforming their operations for the digital age.

Considering the nature of their service and target market they providing their services too at Boomerang we come up with an idea to design a website that is bold and sophisticated and also in the meantime easy to navigate.

My responsibility included designing all the wireframe, user interface, prototypes and usability testing.

Design Process

Design Process


User Research

I have conducted five semi-structured interviews with the participants who used an consultancy agency service in last 6 months. I needed the insights on the core points that trigger their decision so I have used open ended questionnaire.


We had a critique session about spider current website and write down all the issues.

critique on previous website

Spider’s one page website is outdated and does not do any just to their brand. Although the website organized and clean but lack of visual cues that could make website navigational experience more intuitive and memorable.

The old website is failed to generate any impression under 5 seconds. And one of the most important point for that is the inefficiency of the content. Lack of details of their services and what they did for the brands is force the user to leave the website.

In addition the users rarely scroll through the whole webpage and use the contact form. And the bounce rate is 95% which is also alarming for Spider.

User Persona

Based on user research and ideation phase we created three fictional character to organize and uncover patterns in user goals, behaviors and pain points.

User Persona
User Persona
User Persona


Solid Experience and Creative Problem Solving Skill are the two most important characteristics that help manager to decide whether they should work the agency or not. And to emphasize these two point We have decided to use Content like case studies, research paper, blog posts etc. as a key. And to manage this content there is no better option than WordPress.

Check the scope that we used


Information Architecture

Flowing the scope We first built the diagram to understand the user flow.

Information Structure



Once we finalized the user flow and We had a clear idea what we wanted to design, We created the high fidelity wireframes. Itarated and multiple times based on the client feedback and eventually we lock the final wireframe.

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High-fidelity Wireframe


Visual Design

By implementing simple navigational design and a minimal information design we have achieved a drop bounce rate from 95% to 22% and increased page views.

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